YOTA Region 2 Summer Camp 2020


(Photos courtesy of YOTA Region 1 camps)

In addition to promoting other, already established youth programs, the Youth on the Air committee in region 2 is currently in the planning stages of the first ever camp for and by young amateurs in the United States to take place in the summer of 2020.

The committee has been at work on this project for about six months, and is currently in the process of securing major donors to fund the camp.  We hope to announce further details very soon, once most of the funding has been pledged and the permissions and logistics have been finalized.

The camp will focus on building strong relationships with peers and mentors, and developing new radio skills.  The camp is being modeled closely after the popular Youngsters on the Air camps in IARU Region 1.

Some of the activities that are planned include workshops and hands on activities about:

  • Contesting - Learn how to operate from some of the top young contesters in the country, participate in an FM contest at an amusement park, and ways to practice with local contests
  • Digital VHF/UHF Modes - D-STAR: Get a D-STAR radio to use for the week, plus insight into how it works - APRS: Learn how to track stations and gather data using APRS
  • Kit building - Learn from world renowned builders by making your own receiver
  • Direction finding and orienteering - Learn how to track down signals
  • Antenna building - Learn how to make antennas from common household items
  • Satellite operations - Learn how to chase the birds with some of the best youth satellite operators
  • ...and more!

Campers will operate a special event station, W8Y, featuring cutting-edge HF and VHF/UHF radios that many only dream of having a chance to use and a wide array of antennas.

If you are interested in becoming a major sponsor, please contact us at yotaregion2@gmail.com.  Once we are close to our goal, we will have an opportunity for individuals to donate directly online as well.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, check out some of the video from recent YOTA Region 1 camps below.