Have a question? Feel free to ask!  We'll try to answer some of the common ones below.

This site says YOTA is "Youth on the Air".  Isn't it "Youngsters on the Air"?

Yes, you're right.  This is one of the slight changes being made in the implementation of the ideas from IARU Region 1.  The words "youth" and "youngster" have a different connotation in different countries.  The committee thought that "youth" translated better in Region 2.  In Region 1, the word "youth" is commonly associated with problem children, but in the USA it's not.  Meanwhile, in the USA "youngster" sounds like an archaic term used by grumpy old men. But in Region 1, it's a term without any negative connotations that is much more preferable than "youth".  So we made the change to more accurately reflect the connotation in the United States.  While we are modeling the bulk of our camp planning after the fine work done in Region 1, there are some cultural, legal, and language differences that are being made out of necessity.  We are still working together on projects for younger hams, and both use the "YOTA" acronym.

Is this trying to replace other youth ham radio programs?

Absolutely not!  YOTA region 2's website and social media platforms are intended to promote already established youth programs within IARU Region 2.  We are simply bringing them together in one place to make it easier to find and keep up with each group's initiatives.  If you have a youth program in Region 2 that is appropriate for inclusion on this site, please email us at yotaregion2@gmail.com so we can add it if we haven't already.  If you have a youth net, please list it with the ARRL Youth Nets page.  Since ARRL already established a central list of youth nets, we don't include them here.  Just follow the link to the ARRL Youth Nets page under the "On the Air" tab above.

We are adding ADDITIONAL activities ourselves as well, though, particularly summer camps that are being planned for the future.

Can you tell me more about the YOTA Region 2 summer camp in 2020?

We'd love to, but we can't really comment on it yet since it's still in the proposal stage.  At the moment, major sponsors ($1000+) are being sought to raise most of the money and equipment for the proposed budget.  In order to make the camp announcement, we need to have about 3/4 of the budget pledged.  We hope to make an announcement that the camp is no longer just a proposal soon, and once we do... we will be happy to address questions from individuals and schedule media interviews with much more information about the camp.  We will also announce an online campaign for individuals to donate in order to finish out the funding.

Why do my donations go to EARS?

YOTA Region 2 is funded through Electronic Applications Radio Service (EARS), Inc., an Indiana and 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to education and service through wireless technologies.  Donations made to EARS go directly to fund YOTA Region 2 camp expenses, and are eligible to be tax deductible.  Check with your tax professional. A receipt with the appropriate tax ID numbers is available upon request.

EARS is an already an established 501c3 organization that is volunteering to support YOTA Region 2 projects.  Their assistance makes your contributions tax deductible, and made it possible to start supporting our camps immediately.  EARS shares officers with YOTA Region 2 to ensure proper allocation of funds.